About Us

                          Destination Black Box 

                              Taqwa Hasan CEO 

Destination Black Box is the unique destination for Eclectic Resort Jewelry and Accessories. Founded by Taqwa Hasan in 2019 , “The Earth is my Muse” We  are inspired by the beauty of travel, culture and nature. We try our best to source Authentic cultural materials like Batiks, Mudcloths and bone beads just to name a few items. All our items are made to order because we try our best not to waste. Each one of our pieces are handcrafted with love and passion. We are designing for the woman who has a love for self expression and can appreciate the beauty of other cultures. Her love for travel can be seen in her  unique style and dress. Our Eclectic chic pieces give her the modern resort look that she desires. 
We truly appreciate you visiting our website  destination. Feel free to stay as long as you like, You are always welcome here!

Sincerely, Taqwa


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